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Originally Posted by Neopolitan View Post
Depends what you define as decent. There are very few 5'7 kids starting on quality teams.

The point was obviously to highlight the massive discrepancy in athleticism between sports. I'd say the fact we're debating whether Messi could start for a HS team while it's pretty obvious Lebron would have been elite exemplifies this pretty well.

Soccer has its place, similar to wrestling actually, it provides small and less athletic kids an opportunity to compete and still feel like athletes. Nothing wrong with that.
It's your argument so you decide "decent". I've seen 5'7" kids starting for state championship teams but ok.

I'm not sure Lebron would have been elite though at soccer. What he is really good at I don't know would translate well to soccer.

Messi is actually very athletic but I doubt he could play in the NBA or NFL due to his size...other than a kicker.
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