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Originally Posted by Mad about Futbol View Post
You can only field a team of 22. So a Public D1 school like Mason with around 1350 male enrollment can at least have the potential to compete with a St. Ignatius that can attract the top talent across in the Cleveland Metro Area. At a Mason 1.6 out of a hundred boys can be rostered. (Smaller Public D1 schools will have less of a broad base to draw from)

The effect is magnified in D3. The largest D3 school will roster 1.2 out of every 10 boys. Smaller schools, might even roster 1 in 5! Hoping to compete on an even basis with a private D3 school that can attract top talent from a large metro area is futile. Look at D3 over the past 15 years- the trend is getting worse...
2001-2005 Final four: 11/20 Private. Champions: 2/5 Private
2006-2010 Final four: 13/20 Private. Champions: 3/5 Private
2011-2015 Final four: 15/20 Private. Champions: 4/4 and expect to be 5/5.

Here in the Southwest we hear complaints about the ‘weakness’ of the D3 competition from Summit. I say they are a victim of their own success.
BTW, Green has a male enrollment of about 650.
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