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Originally Posted by jasrccw View Post
I don't need anything "to make me feel better". Green had a great season and everybody associated with the team is very proud of what they accomplished. The bottom line is Green is not an open enrollment district so we can only count on kids that actually reside in the district. St. I's and the other private schools can draw from a big geographic area so that is clearly an advantage. So unless the OHSAA changes the rules, the odds of a public school winning it all in D-1 are pretty big. No sour grapes from, it was a fun ride while it lasted.
You obviously do need to feel better because you ate a bunch of sour grapes...

Public schools that have won D1
Mason 2013 (will probably win it 2015 too)
Olentangy Liberty 2010
Gahanna 2009
Stow-Monroe 2006

Quit making excuses. WAH!!!
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