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Originally Posted by Philly_Cat View Post
You're really over complicating it. In a standard single elimination tournament with bracket seeding it is a snake type format used to place each team which starts with the 1st seed and ends with the last seed. The 1st seed is placed at the top, 2 is the placed at the bottom, 3 is placed at the bottom the furthest away from 2, 4 is placed at the top the furthest away from 1, 5 is then placed at the top the furthest away from 1 and opposite of 4, 6 is placed in the bottom the furthest away from 2 and opposite 3, 7 the goes to the bottom opposite 2, and 8 goes to the top opposite 1. This format of seed placement continues in this pattern for any number of total teams you have.

To figure out byes all you have to do is pretend to fill out the rest of the bracket with empty slots out to the next in the power of 2 series (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc). So say you have 9 teams, 9 would then be placed at the top across from 1, setting up 8 to play 9. Then the rest is empty out to 16. This effectively gives all the other teams a first round bye, or 8 and 9 get a play in game, depending on how you want to look at it.

Follow this simple format and you can fill out a seeded bracket for any number of teams someone can throw at you. From 3 (2 plays 3 and 1 gets a bye) to 200 (144 teams play in the first round and 56 teams get a bye). Now when you start doing double elimination and pool play tournaments, that's when things start getting more complicated. I used to know a website that would generate brackets for whatever type of tournament you wanted to set up based on the number of teams you had.
Regardless of the complication, the brackets matchups I show for a 12-team NCAA style bracket are correct. The #1 seed will not have the worst seeded team in their bracket.
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