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Originally Posted by Purplemojo View Post
Not quite an "8/8" but Anne Francis is so incredably hot in this film. She is a 9 1/2/10 but the film is very good and rates a 6.5/8
It was my 5th time watching the film and I was showing it to some of my nephews for their first time. They loved it and could see how far ahead of its' time it was.

As an aside I try to introduce them to the "old classics" when I can and they are now in their mid to late teens and the one thing they've noted is "gee uncle &&&& all the women in these old movies are hot and stacked"! I explained that back in the day, the movies couldn't just strip their characters naked like today so there were some strict anatomical requirements for certain parts.

BTW, another great movie to introduce modern teens to is "The Searchers"! They're always impressed with this movie and after seeing it they can't get enough John Wayne & John Ford movies!
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