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The Legend of Tarzan - 2/8

Awful movie that ruins the Tarzan story. PC treatment seriously distorts history and the use of lousy CG effects only makes matters worse. Samuel Jackson is completely out of place in what may be the worst movie he's ever been in. The guy playing Tarzan is a mannequin.

The Hateful Eight - 5/8

Well at least it's a great looking film and as always with Tarantino there are moments of sheer brilliance but in the end it's not about a damn thing. And when the ONLY characters you care about in the whole damn movie are the horses, you know you've got story telling problems.

Forbidden Planet - 8/8

Classic science fiction film that proves Gene Roddenberry didn't have an ounce of imagination when he "created" Star Trek. Much ahead of it's time with interesting special effects for when it was made in 1956. Great story which borrows from Shakespeare! Don't be put off by Leslie Nielsen in the title role - he plays it straight. The thing that strikes you is that there is NO music score beyond a series of bizarre sounding tonal notes. Enhances the eerie character of the film.

I've always wondered why they haven't remade Forbidden Planet and I guess the answer is they have but always call it something else. You can see it's influence on a lot of the last quarter century of science fiction TV & movie making.
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