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Originally Posted by DonMagicRon View Post
Coach Parker is doing a job with this squad. This team isn't anywhere near the same team that beat LaSalle earlier this season. We didn't have all our bodies back. OT Lowry, DE Poole, DE Booker are all back and playing incredible. We turned up after the embarrassing Elder debacle. I was really embarrassed to had lost that game to them and I think Parker used it to get their attention. In the first LaSalle game Warrior supporters walked away thinking and saying that we left a ton of opportunity on the field. I came away thinking 24-7 should had been the final.
Yeah but that is what WW does as a team. Even you said it yourself all year by them playing down to their competition. Its week 13 now, can you finish and play disciplined. My guess is not after the the showing in the first game. Just not disciplined, that is the WW MO.
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