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Originally Posted by Sykotyk View Post
Of the two stadiums in the Atlanta area, the domed multi-use stadium downtown at least 'makes sense' as an asset to the community. Building the new SunTrust Park in the northern suburbs is a boondoggle, and will be a traffic nightmare, to boot.
While I think building a new baseball stadium was also completely unnecessary, I differ with you on one thing.

If you're going to build an unnecessary stadium, it's at least better to put it somewhere completely different than right next to the completely serviceable one that already exists. At least the change in geography gives you the somewhat plausible excuse that it was to better serve the fan base where it lives.

The really bad part of the Braves stadium deal is that the taxpayers are picking up more than half of its cost. So, at least Arthur Blank can say he didn't soak the taxpayers like the Braves did.

Thankfully, the politician who enabled that taxpayer soaking was shown the exit door.
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