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Originally Posted by CuriousGeorge1 View Post
I think he is just referring to getting some of the fringe kids out of districts to score points at the State Tournament. Ed's has 8 wrestlers in the top 4 Statewide so those kids in theory would make it out of any district.

Elyria has guys like Allison, Zuckerman, Evans, and Keegan that are ranked 7th or lower. They have only 4 wrestlers in the top 4.

Wadsworth has 6 wrestlers in the top 3 though so, I think they have a very strong chance of not being effected by the toughness of any district. Their presence has a big time negative impact on the other schools at the district like Elyria who could have several fringe state qualifiers.
Will be interesting again. We'll see how everyone line up shakes out. Which kids improved and who fill the gap for teams from graduation.
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