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Originally Posted by sa68ag View Post
I actually played in the Cramton Bowl back in 1958 for the Montgomery Pee Wee football city championship. I also lived in the Lanier HS attendance zone back then but my family moved from Alabama.

The Blue Gray college all star game also used to be played in this stadium.

Very cool. I'm guessing more fans probably attended that game than attended the HS varsity game I attended.

Originally Posted by EagleFan View Post
I've only been to Prattville's stadium, and it was a hot sunny afternoon game. Miserable.
The huge problem with the south for me is the heat. Luckily, the temperature when I was down south, other than ONE day was beautiful. Aftermath of a hurricane can do that. One day at Disney, the temperatures were mid-90s. Otherwise, the highs were in the high 70s or low 80s with a nice steady breeze with decent cloud cover.

How'd you wind up at Prattville?
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