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Originally Posted by wise one View Post
And it was all set up because of a mismanagement of the clock. The game had been tied 21-21 with 1:45 to go when the losing team got the ball. There was a drive by the losing team (North Oldham) The losing team had called a TO to set up an apparent winning FG with 10 seconds on the clock. The FG was good. Then North Oldham did an onsides kick instead of a squib kick to kill the clock. This gave the winning team (Owensboro) time for the winning TD pass. Better situation woud have been to let the clock run down to about 3 seconds to attempt the FG. But hindsight is 20/20 and this is HS, not college or the NFL.

Owensboro has now earned the rights to play Fort Thomas Highlands in the state Class 4A finals.
Something the coach will have to live with no doubt. They probably figured the best chance they had at losing the game was for a KO return and the least likely kick to get returned would be an onside kick. (remember the one in Texas called teh greatest comeback ever....)

As for time mismanagment..that stinks. As you said, it isnt CFB or NFL and lets face it, in HS you dont deal with that stuff very often.
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