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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
Yeah it's not like there's guys who spend 3 years in college and then get drafted into the NFL who are comparable to Desagana Diop or Robert Swift.

It should be also noted that neither Diop or Swift went to college so I'm not sure what your point is here regarding them and the one and done rule.
I am in favor of getting rid of the one and done rule for a few reasons. 1) I don't fundamentally agree with limiting adults' opportunities to enter the professional workforce and 2) as a fan of college basketball, I want college basketball players to at least be interested in earning a degree. I don't fault guys that leave early if the time is right. I don't fault guys like Ben Simmons who skip class for an entire semester, and I don't fault John Calipari for taking advantage of the current system.The NBA wants to protect its product by making sure the players drafted are unlikely to be busts like a Diop, Swift, or a Kwame Brown, so they require an extra year of playing against better competition. My point is, if a team drafts a player straight out of high school and he is a bust, I have no sympathy for the team. They took a risk and it failed. No need to add a one and done rule because teams didn't scout well enough.
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