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Originally Posted by winbypin View Post
LOL. Centerville also tied Springboro 2-2. Carroll beat Wayne 2-0. Centerville beat Wayne 2-1. For common opponents pretty similar results. Carroll still has to play Fairmont, Alter & Lebanon who Centerville has already played. I am sure a part of their ranking is their history.

Carroll just moved to D1. I am sure their schedule was set prior to the move to D1. They are in the GCL so some games can't be changed but there are good teams in that league. I bet they add more D1 teams going forward.

As far as why they are ranked in both Cincy & Dayton....I don't know. I've asked that before as other GCL Dayton teams are in the Cincy poll too. Someone said Dayton Christian & Yellow Springs have also been voted into the Cincy polls in the past. So....I don't know why Cincy coaches vote for non-Cincy teams.
My thought on Centerville being ranked higher comes from the fact they beat Mason and tied Lakota West so by comparison I think they've got a stronger resume. I didn't really compare common opponents to date...we'll see how they fair come tournament time.
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