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Originally Posted by Bearcat_phan View Post
Perhaps Dayton Carroll is a fine team but their schedule to date has not been difficult do they get in the top 10 in state if their toughest game to date resulted in a 2-2 tie with Springboro? At least Centerville's played a more challenging schedule and they've only lost once... if in fact Carroll must be replaced by a team from the Dayton area. Seems to me that spot should be occupied by the Elks. The schedule for this week looks customarily soft again this week....too they're ranked in the Dayton poll so I'm not sure why they get consideration as being part of the Cincinnati poll.
LOL. Centerville also tied Springboro 2-2. Carroll beat Wayne 2-0. Centerville beat Wayne 2-1. For common opponents pretty similar results. Carroll still has to play Fairmont, Alter & Lebanon who Centerville has already played. I am sure a part of their ranking is their history.

Carroll just moved to D1. I am sure their schedule was set prior to the move to D1. They are in the GCL so some games can't be changed but there are good teams in that league. I bet they add more D1 teams going forward.

As far as why they are ranked in both Cincy & Dayton....I don't know. I've asked that before as other GCL Dayton teams are in the Cincy poll too. Someone said Dayton Christian & Yellow Springs have also been voted into the Cincy polls in the past. So....I don't know why Cincy coaches vote for non-Cincy teams.
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