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Originally Posted by Bball216 View Post
That was a gutsy shot by Jayvon because a 3 was not needed and I'm not so sure VASJ wins the game if it goes to OT. The Vikings beat Beachwood last year in the final 7secs in the district final on the exact same play. I was really impressed with some of the young JV players SVSM had. I was surprised to see several were freshman. The curly haired 9th grader who one handed the baseline ally oop is going to be really good. The Vikings sophomore class is loaded as well so it looks like both programs are not going anywhere anytime soon.
The fans around us last night were wondering what's in the water up your way to grow the kids so tall. We'd like some of that height down here.

The young player of which you refer was the top player in APS last year. His home high school is North so it's understandable that he did not want to play there. He middle schooled at the STEM school, so SVSM is a good fit for him both academically and athletically. Of course, he could have open enrolled to Firestone but chose not to.
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