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Originally Posted by Bball216 View Post
Now that this game is over - good luck Irish. Last night I got to watch the two most successful programs in the modern era that Ohio has to offer play their butts off. Both teams played the game the right way and gave it all it had. There was no taunting or dirty play. There is a mutual respect when greatness plays greatness. The fans were stunned they lost - but very hospitable. Good luck in the post season and with a bit of luck maybe we can have some beers in Columbus.
I think the Irish fans saw early on that it was going to be a neck and neck game therefore I disagree they were stunned. Disappointed yes, but knew the loss was to a quality opponent. Bummed at the end because Jayvon had made the great shot to put them ahead at the 7.3 sec mark. From elation to disappointment in 6 seconds.
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