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Originally Posted by LICKING COUNTY FAN View Post
Maybe meaningless to you, but not to me, those whop were there or those who were playing in it.

I go where I want, when I want.
I go to the Senate league games that have 5 dollar tickets to the GWOC who charges 8 bucks.
I can go to any game in Western Pa for free, because if a media pass a guy gave me, without asking for, as long as I take picks and/or do a game report for him.

I have a trip to Iowa planned next year,three trips to Kentucky, at least two to Pa, if not three,a trip to Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana and I will throw in several Ohio games.

Of course the trips will be determined by weather and health. Heath robbed me of four games this season(The last two weekends) One game in W.VA and three in Indiana.
Two questions.

1.) who are the top 5-10 teams you have seen in person throughout the years?

2.) Has quality of play gotten better, worse or about the same? Contrast differences you have noticed.
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