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Originally Posted by Captain Awesome View Post
Not at all, you're the worst kind of troll, unintelligent, you dogged the SWBL all year, said how superior Tipp was etc, Franklin spots you a 21 point lead and you still lose, how did that crow taste? If you started half the year I'd say your considered a returning starter. If you started the previous year and started up until you got hurt this year, and you return I'd say you are a returning starter.

Now go back to your GWOC thread and let us have a civil conversation about our lowly league.
In defense of TippIsGreat (I just said that!), his name should tell you that he is going to be posting about well, how great Tipp is or his name would be TippIsAVG or TippIsTrash. Not sure of the point of the reply you gave him. Maybe Im just getting tooooooo old

Back to the topic at hand, Franklin will be good next year, so will VV. I believe Bellbrook is going to be a tough out for anyone. On the small school side though, not much returning is there? Milton will be good, Carlisle without Reed and low numbers. Maybe Madison?
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