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Wow!!! I just got back from Solon's scrimmage with St. Ignatius. The Comets looked very, very good. In fact, I think it's safe to say that Solon took it to the Wildcats just a bit. Neither varsity team scored on any of the long yardage possessions. During the drills that started from the defense's 20 yard line, the Comets outscored the Wildcats, 3 TDs to 1. And Solon moved the ball with more consistency throughout the morning. In the JV/backup part of the scrimmage, the Wildcats did outscore the Comets, 2 TDs to 0. But that's to be expected. Ignatius has nearly twice as many players as Solon. The Cats will always be deeper in reserve talent.

There were lots of smiling faces in the Solon stands after the scrimmage. Yesterday, I said that the Comets were a difficult team to predict. But today's performance was very encouraging. I'm much more optimistic about the team now.

Joe Cartellone started at QB, with J.T. Caver getting nearly equal time. Joey was outstanding (and he's grown to 6-4). He threw the ball better than I've seen before. He had flawless touch on long passes and zip on inside stuff. During the 20-yard session, Solon scored on its first three plays (all from the 20, of course). The first TD was a perfectly thrown slant to Taj Ward, who fought off tight coverage to make the catch. The second score was a beautiful fade to the left to junior WR Travon Raphael. Travon caught the ball in the corner of the end zone. Raphael is 6-4 and he's a new addition to the team. I believe he's a move-in. He's got talent and he'll really help the Comet offense. The third TD came on a jet sweep by Andrew Mason.

The Wildcats scored on a pass play during the 20-yard session. But the Comet defense stopped Ignatius on downs one time and thwarted the Wildcats with a Caver interception on their next possession.

Ignatius broke off one long run during the long yardage drills that might have set up a score, but it was the last play in their sequence, so nothing came of it.

Let me run through Solon's lineup:

QB - Right now, it looks as if Cartellone will be the starter. He really showed improvement. Caver didn't have quite the touch that Joey did but he looked great running the ball.

RB - Thomas Wilks didn't score a TD but he looked like a force running the ball. Jeff Barnett got backup carries and he looked good, too.

WR - The starters were Ward, Mason and Sammy Bubonics. Raphael rotated in with the starters. Corey Jackson and Nate Miller were the two backups I noticed. David Marbury was the H-back/TE, with Nick Close backing him up.

O-Line - The most encouraging thing today, apart from Cartellone's performance, was the play of the offensive line. They protected the QB and they opened holes for Wilks on just about every play. The starters were Nate Leskovec and Ron Carr at the tackles, with Nathan Kresevic at center, Will Taylor at one guard, with Nolan McNamara and Julian Broderick splitting time at the other. Jack Miller backed up at tackle and Zac Fry, Wayne Chaney and Da'Veon Parker backed up on the inside.

D-Line - Leskovec, Marbury and Jack Miller all rotated at end and all three were outstanding. I thought Leskovec was the most impressive player on either team, regardless of position. Marbury wasn't far behind and Miller wasn't far behind Marbury. They dominated the Cats' tackles. I'd heard that Miller was moving to LB, but I must have heard wrong. Parker excelled at nose tackle. The other tackle spot was a rotation between McNamara, Broderick, Yusef Russell and Leskovec, who played nearly as much at tackle as he did at end. When he slid inside, Marbury and Miller played end.

At linebacker, it was Marquis Churn and Jeff Barnett on the outside, with Michael Laubscher in the middle. All three guys looked quick and tackled well. Soph R.J. Howard sat out with an injury, and I heard that he's got a chance to start. Zyon Mowry and Luke Calvetta were the backups.

The secondary was Ward and Corey Jackson at corner, with Caver and Mason at safety. Bubonics, Nate Miller and David Paschal played as backups. Soph Grant McCurry didn't play because of an injury, but he'll be part of the mix.

Right now, it appears that senior soccer player Michael Rutsky might be the placekicker. Nolan McNamara looks as if he'll be the punter.

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