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Originally Posted by Metacomet View Post
The Comet program was jolted last week when two of its best players, linebacker Casey Maniglia and corner Ryan McCurry, decided against coming out for the team, in order to concentrate on their baseball careers. Maniglia has accepted a baseball scholarship to the University of North Carolina, while McCurry has a number of college offers. Both players will be missed.
More victims to specialization. This is happening more and more these days, even though it is often widely reported a very high percentage of professional athletes played multiple sports in high school. Although I will say that given the amount of evidence we have pertaining to the risk that comes with playing football, that is one sport where I can see parents/athletes saying, "thanks, but no thanks." The rewards of playing football on the side of playing your "primary" sport is not likely worth the risks (concussions, CTE, etc.).
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