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Right now, Solon is a difficult team to predict. Some sites, such as Calpreps, have the Comets rated among the best teams in the state. Certainly, Solon has talent and speed, but with a new QB, an uproven O-line and uncertainty with the absence of Maniglia and McCurry, there are concerns. Do the Comets have enough depth to remain a GCC and Region 1 contender? We'll know a lot more tomorrow, when the Comets welcome St. Ignatius to Stewart Field for a 10 a.m. practice that looks like a scrimmage to me.

I'll try to write up a summary of the scrimmage sometime tomorrow.

One more thing: Since Hurri-Comet's passing, I'm really the only regular Solon poster on Yappi. We've had a few others come and go over the years. I know that plenty of Solon people read this stuff. But I could use a little help. How about some of you joining up and posting your thoughts? You might be surprised to discover just how worthwhile your perspective can be. At times last year, I felt as if I was writing for myself when I posted. Feel free to offer your opinions.
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