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Originally Posted by bdhof View Post
Flo's pre-season rankings have come out and Blair has 7 wrestlers ranked while Ed's has 2, and SPG has 6. Here's their ranked wrestlers:

106 Miller 9th
113 Mastrogiovanni 14th
120 Colaiocco 10th
126 Cannon 19th
138 Robinson 3rd
160 Merola 5th
170 Ramirez 2nd

145 Dover 18th
220 Howard 11th

120 Crace 11th
138 Moore 2nd
145 Stickley 17th
152 Jordan 10th
160 Thomas 17th
195 Braun 20th

I think I got everyone. If I missed some or ranked them wrong, I'll edit it.
I think everyone agrees that St. Ed's is a year away from being able to match up with Blair or SPG on paper.

It think everyone would also agree that those rankings are a little premature at least as far as weight classes are concerned. Once lineups/rosters are a little more clear and the wrestlers have settled into their new weight classes and have some opportunities to add some high caliber victories onto their respective resumes. Then, I think you could see 4-8 wrestlers ranked for St. Edward. Which would make the potential matchup much closer and in a year or two, we could realistically see an Ohio team knock off Blair again. It has been too long.
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