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Originally Posted by Huge View Post
I think"evil" is in the eye of the beholder and often refers to a seemingly unbeatable foe such as Patriots, Yankees, Bama or tOSu and now, of course. The Warriors. Blair is in a unique situation because of geography and transfers and post grads and is more in line with Hargrave Military Avademy for other sports. Wyoming Seminary is the only thing close . But Blair attracts very big money families and sends a ton to Ivy League schools so they are more than a wrestling factory. Those families are about more than wrestling they are the 1% and they seek nothing less than world domination. I am much more envious of that than their mythical national wrestling championships. I say envious and not jealous because they are free to do so and I think we all do everything within our means to help our kids. Not a criticism just an observation.
Take out OSU and replace with Penn State and your argument holds more water.

I agree that people are probably more envious than jealous. Many families would trade places if given the chance, but it is easier to question, ridicule and call foul.
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