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Originally Posted by bucksman View Post
Going middle-to-back you have Robinson (IM placer, Nat Prep champ), Julian Ramirez (Beast champ beating Carr), Merola (IM runner-up, 2x Nat Prep champ), Edmund Ruth (PA 2A champ/transfers in), Tarantino (Nat Prep placer), Trephan (NHSCA Soph champ at 220 transfers in)
And that right there is why Blair is the Evil Empire and wins a majority of the time. Every year they bring in 2+ non freshman studs to fill holes in their lineup. This year it's Ruth and Trephan. When St Ed's has a hole in the lineup they fill it with a backup from last year, same thing with SPG. For instance when was the last time SPG had a heavyweight place at Ironman? Be nice for them to cherry pick a stud every year. It's also why these ridiculous current weight classes help programs like Blair and Seminary more than anyone else.
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