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I was not in anyway trying to say St. Edward has done anything illegal or against OHSAA rules. I remember way back in the 80's they were called the Evil Empire by folks. Purely out of jealousy I am sure. The public vs private school issue is nothing new in Ohio and I am sure that has only increased the issue, as mentioned about Mass Perry calling themselves public school state champs. Cleveland All-Stars, Ohio All-Stars have been common statements about them, just like St. Ignatius was called in football for years as well.

Whether outright recruiting happened in building the program or not, many people will assume. I have no animosity towards St. Edward wrestling. I enjoyed competing against them. We were never in the team race, so individual success was the mark to attain. I guess if we had a few other kids in our lineup with state success and lost a team race I may feel differently. We had plenty of success against them in football, so in my mind it kind of balanced out.
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