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Originally Posted by D4fan View Post
Never coached girls but have talked to numerous who have. AAU has made a bigger impact on the girls game than the boys. Girls develop faster and with the experience gained through a high level AAU program a girl who is a physically developed Freshman can compete for varsity time. This can cause those girls placed on the lower level teams to see the handwriting on the wall, and decide to throw in the towel on basketball in favor of another sport.

What about the increased physicality of the game, are girls turned off by that phase of the game?
I asked a few girls who used to play about that, and they said the physical contact didn't bother them. They might have been in the minority on that though.

They told me they gave up hoops primarily because they didn't like the length of the season. I argued that their volleyball season is just as long when they start using their "camp" days in June or July, but they said the difference is a fair portion of volleyball season is over before school begins while all of basketball season occurs while school is in full swing (minus Xmas break when being on a hoops team prevents them from leaving town).
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