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One of our local high schools is looking to introduce its own e-sports team/league next fall. Not only are the students crazed over the prospect, but the faculty is also on board in that teachers have noted a correlation between gaming interest and STEM (or STEAM) subject/career interest among students. With our education system's ever-increasing push toward establishing STEM programs at every school, perhaps it is only a matter of time before most schools have their own e-sports programs.

This past year, our local school observed that many of its gamers were also above-average students who showed a surprising amount of enthusiasm, focus, ingenuity, persistence, competitiveness, and strategic-planning when presented with science, technology, engineering, and math projects in STEM classes. And, the kids were obsessed with Elon Musk, lol. Perhaps more importantly, the high school recognized that it had heretofore failed to engage this often-overlooked population in terms of offering extracurricular activities that, amongst these typically-uninvolved students, had the potential to foster a newfound excitement for and connection with the greater school community. Hence, the e-sports proposal was introduced.

All things considered, why wouldn't a college extend a scholarship to a student with this type of profile?
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