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Originally Posted by cabezadecaballo View Post
why ?
Because esports has taken off to a level that nobody ever imagined. I'm not sure how many scholarships they're offering but let's say it's 10. They're capped at $4,000. That's a total of $40,000 for an ungodly amount of publicity. Ashland's making national news and bringing attention to the university and attracting students for "good reasons". Only way they make the news besides that is for something like a school shooting.

Also the B1G Ten just had a very successful tournament in terms of ratings. The NBA's new E League was originally set to pay those "athletes" more money than G League players. And some of these guys are making upwards of $100,000+ a month to stream their games live on platforms such as Twitch. I don't game but have been interested in this movement.
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