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Originally Posted by king kong View Post
This is what happened, player B got to QB on pass and player A blocked him while QB scrambled away and threw the ball to the sidelines 10 yards downfield. The block occurs right in front of the white hat, now the problem was like you described, the receiver made a move and cut back to the middle of the field well away from the block and stayed on his feet for probably 6-8 seconds, so player B was on his back trying to get up for probably 8-10 seconds. Head refs body language was straight up and staring at the two on the ground. When whistles blew and play stopped both players remained engaged and other players on the field started running back as both sides started yelling. Players started to leave sidelines, coaches cut them off, fans yelling.

After the game I asked our head coach what the head ref said about the play. He said, coach I didn't say anything it's a legal block. Our coaches said, but it's 30 yards behind the play, I thought we were trying to clean up hits not involved within a certain distance of the action. Ref just said, keep your kids on the sidelines or they can be ejected!

Poor game management by this official, and the sad thing is I have worked closely with him for years as our former AD. I have watched him work games and verbally tell kids to quit or stop before he blew the whistle or threw a flag.
What did you want the official to do? It sounds to me like he handled it perfectly.
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