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Originally Posted by king kong View Post
Offensive player A gets defensive player B on his back while blocking him. Player A continues to keep on top of him while the play continues well away from the block. Player B begins trying to get up off of his back, while A keeps laying on him and shifting his body to keep on top. This goes on for a bit. Is this a legal block?
There is no rule that prohibits one player keeping another on the ground. His actions of shifting his body to keep on top are no different than him shifting his body to stay in front had they been upright.

Unless the official judges that the player used his "hands or arms to hook, lock, clamp, grasp, encircle or hold in an effort to restrain an opponent other than the runner."(the definition of holding) .............

This is legal. If it occurs well away from the play, you most likely will have a conversation with that blocker as now you have the potential for some other activity between the two that could escalate into something other than football.

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