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Originally Posted by FattDC71 View Post
I have never seen a Horsecollar tackle called in any of the games that I have seen or coached in. As far as I know, there is only one kind of facemask penalty in High School. There is only the 15-yard variety. I think the referees that I have seen would struggle to be able to differentiate between inadvertent and intentional facemasks.
There are two face mask penalties in high school football, but the difference is not inadvertent and intentional. "Incidental grasping" of the face mask is a five yard penalty. "Grasping and twisting, turning or pulling" is a fifteen yard penalty. "Intent" has no part in the foul.

Horse collar doesn't get called very often because it doesn't happen very often. And like a lot of rules, the National Federation, NCAA, and NFL each has a slightly different rule.
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