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most would think we should have won by 15 or whatever Vegas had the spread as, but Lehigh is a GOOD team. they will be in the NCAA tournament. they have the two-time Patriot League player of the year (and i'm sure he will win it again this year).

when you have 8 scholarship guys and 4 of them had never put on a Xavier uniform for a "real" game, then i'll take the win.

so really, until we get Gates and Myles back and are at full strength, i'll take any win we can get. they just won't seem that easy until we get all guys back and healthy.

was very interested when listening to Mack's post game comments on the radio. basically called out Bernard for being "hurt" and going to the lockerroom. basically said guys are going to get some knicks, bumps, bruises, etc during games - gotta play through it. he didn't.

very telling.
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