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Does federal politics really need another Chicago based POV? Chicago can't fix itself.

One characteristic I see missing from the descriptions above: she's extremely intelligent and people savie. She has and can reach a similar regional demographic as Trump. She can reach small town, rural poverty in ways Clinton and the liberal elite wouldn't even care to. AND she will verse herself on the issues. She's a good study. Trump is not.

As others have mentioned, she'd have the same problems as Trump, putting together that out-sider machine that can be effective in DC. But at least she would have the experience of Trump to build on.

A good time to recall, when all was coming down on Trump post election and it was quickly becoming clear that there were those whose intent was to be as disruptive as possible, regardless what policies he would attempt to put forth, even if in their own interest, she backed him at least to the point of giving him the benefit of the doubt. She did also though, cave to pressure when she saw her radical liberal elite, would not back her pragmatism. She did not have the will to hold her ground. Be it due to will power or business decision, who knows?