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How would Oprah handle a debate performance? I watched the speech -- she was acting. And nothing of substance was said, beyond a lot of feel good "we're all gonna get along" type stuff. Even the political stuff on her show was always very watered down. Not saying she couldn't handle herself in a debate, I've just never seen any evidence of it. Trump, for all his faults and missteps, was able to riff on pretty much any topic during the primary and general debates, and did it well. The only time he really came up clueless was during health care, where he had nothing to say but a couple canned lines.

I think this is a dangerous move for the Democrats. You can't transplant Trump's success as celebrity with the Republican base onto the Democratic base. They're two different animals. Oprah would probably drive up enthusiasm among, say, black and white women, but there might be a corresponding and possibly severe defection of white men (far worse than with Hillary), probably no increase in black and Hispanic men, disinterest among young people (her show will have been off the air for nearly 10 years come 2020)... the Bernie wing will absolutely freak. Oprah is neoliberal to the core, involved in medical quackery like you guys have said, has repeatedly sold junk science books ("The Secret"), and there's no doubt more out there. I just can't see Oprah turning Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin blue with a social issues campaign.