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Originally Posted by BacknBlack View Post
Does the attacking team need to touch the ball in order to establish the offsides call? Is this different in OH high school versus FIFA?
Thanks Guys

NFHS (High School) follows the same offside rule as what is instructed by the IFAB.
The player in an offside position needs to establish "involvement" to be deemed offside.

IFAB Rule 11-2 Offside Offence
A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched by a team-mate is only penalised on becoming involved in active play by:

(1) interfering with play by playing or touching a ball passed or touched by a team-mate
(2) interfering with an opponent by
(a) preventing an opponent from playing or being able to play the bally by clearly obstructing the opponent's line of vision
(b) challenging an opponent for the ball
(c) clearly attempting to play a ball which is close to him/her when this action impacts on an opponent
(d) making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball
(3) gaining an advantage by playing the ball or interfering with an opponent when it has
(a) rebounded or been deflected off the goalpost, crossbar or an opponent
(b) been deliberately saved by any opponent

A player in an offside position receiving the ball from an opponent who deliberately plays the ball (except from a deliberate save by any opponent) is not considered to have gained an advantage.

A 'save' is when a player stops a ball which is going into or very close to the goal with any part of the body except the hands (unless the goalkeeper within the penalty area".
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