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Originally Posted by Fulham View Post
Whatever you choose to do, a PK is not one of the choices. The restart would be a IDK from location of the keeper when the foul is called.

Keeper needs to be taking a nap after a couple warnings to get the call. Or tight game and wasting time. Still multiple warnings.

Agree. I will give a heads up to the Keeper (ĎPlay it, Keep!í) the first couple of times he/she goes right to 6 seconds or slightly beyond. If itís a pattern, at a dead ball, iíll more directly warn them about it when nearby.

I have never called a Keeper for violating the 6 Second Rule, probably because the warnings have worked. Same with punts / throws right on the 18, though I had an AR last year call a HS Keeper for handling when throwing the ball from the 18 (said the ball was 2 feet over the 18 & it left his hand).
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