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Originally Posted by therealfutbol View Post
Read all what I wrote, I did not say all, I said a certain percentage, you want to insist all is great and that's why you lose credibility, the first step in fixing something is admitting there is a short coming, I wish I had a perfect solution, I don't. The only way it could possibly work if you get some of the good young players interested but they burn out quickly because of the junk they get from the parents. Not sure why you assume I did not ref because I did for years, was not worth it and that's why I stopped, I am almost 60 years old and been around the game pretty much my whole life, played it, coached it and refereed. You all elect to continue to do it and some do a good job but many don't and that's my point. The pic I sent was from a referee that did JVB high school game in the dumbest system on the planet the 2 man system (i understand short of refs), he could not keep up and looked like he might pass out at any moment. On another subject I did not attend the Mason Centerville game but was told a way too old of a gentleman refereed, could not keep up, game had to be stopped multiple times so he can run over and talk to the linesman because he could not hear and was not able to watch the play and keep an eye on either linesman, many times made calls while 30-40+ yards away from the play. Many of the parents that never complain were irate how unfit he was to referee such a high caliber game. You need to stop being so defensive and work on solutions, again you elect to be doing it, figure it out
The solution is to have more people take the classes and become a ref. A person as passionate about the game as yourself would be the perfect candidate. Be part of the solution.

Also, don't put words in my mouth. I insisted nothing.
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