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Originally Posted by Lynus24 View Post
What I’m hearing is that the board and administration know damn well he can’t do the job. The reluctance from both sides is that their scared to make a move because they don’t want backlash from the teachers thinking that a coaching change will be viewed as “retaliation” against the teachers from the strike. So it looks like the kids and the programs aren’t as important as keeping these folks happy with the status quo.
I blame the superintendent. Superintendents coordinate the operation of the school and manages district personnel, which obviously includes COACHING contracts. It's the superintendents responsbility to evaluate the coaching performance, report evaluation back to board, then board, based upon recommendations from the superintendent, accept/reject contracts. The bottom line is our superintendent is not doing his job. Forget committee by selection, business owner of the week, helicopter dads, and all the other political influences creating division, and diversion. Step up, and be a GD leader, and show leadership. Do your job, serve, evaluate, direct, and implement a recommendation based upon your analysis. If you are open and honest, then, historical performance, particularly last season, shall easily provide you the answer of not renewing JD contract. The superintendent job is to advise the board and manage the district. Plain and simple. It is not the superintendent's job to be concerned about back-lash from the teachers' union or whomever else is offended. It's all BS. DO YOUR JOB!