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Originally Posted by Lynus24 View Post
What gets me is how disingenuous this whole thing is. The wrong decisions for the wrong reasons. Bogus excuses from all sides so that nobody has to look like the bad guy. Politics.
The administration wonít recommend non renewal because their scared. The board wonít move on non renewal without a recommendation. The administration never put an action plan in place (the one that was supposed to be in place prior to last season). Some on the board donít think itís ďfairĒ to not renew without having a corrective action plan to fall back on. What ever happened to coaching contracts being renewed or not renewed each year based on performance and ability? This guy has had an 8 season freaking interview! There is only one thing that all these folks should be considering: whatís best for the football teams success. Thereís been a lot of reasons and excuses floating around out there why weíll end up keeping him, and the ironic thing is nobody in the administration or on the board has said itís because heís a good coach or that the program is going in the right direction. We just came off a 5-5 season, we just gave up more points than any team in program history, more than any Doug Schwall coached team completely out manned in the Fed in the 80ís! 3 playoff appearances in 8 seasons with 1 playoff win. 2 home playoff losses, one was just embarrassing. We had a running clock against us for a while in the Hoover game at home this past year! Or strength and conditioning program is a joke and qualified help has been offered and turned down by DeMarco himself. How many more reasons do we need to do whatís right for the program?
Couldn't agree more Lynus...and I'll add that the group whose interests should be considered first, are not even being mentioned...THE KIDS!!!