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Originally Posted by pricesoccer17 View Post
I just want to know what the big deal is about " the prestige " of playing D1? My son turned down a D1 offer to play D2 for more playing time and more money. I think this is more about parents and club gloating than the kids. I don't believe every single kid on these expensive clubs want d1 huge roster teams and schools but they are pushed to committ to these schools because it's what they expect for all the club fees they are paying. Then they get hardly any athletic money and barely play. BUT they get their day of fame on twitter to say they committed to d1. Just keep it real parents. Take your kids to schools to visit, all kinds of schools. Take family vacations instead of spending all your money on the salaries for these expensive clubs. Once these college years are over, so are your bragging rights. Then what. You have a kid who missed out on quite a bit. Ive had kids in every club and many sports in this city, all levels top to middle. It's simply overkill.

Regarding your evaluation of group 1-3, if I had it to over again, I'd stay somewhere in the middle. It's called well rounded.
What club did you receive the best overall experience at? To each their own. I think the middle ground is a good place to be as well, with the right coach and teammates. However, you can have a good experience at any level, depending on what you want the experience to be. I tend to agree that way too much money is spent on the sport these days. I have said it before on this forum. Once college soccer is over, for 99.99% of the population, the high level soccer is over. It just ends. Having had 4 years of college where a degree is earned, spouses met, so much more important for the vast majority. Pick a school based on interests, future career, proximity to home, etc...and if it supports a continued soccer career, then great.
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