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Originally Posted by bbfan29 View Post
I heard the McKinely game may be up in the air at this time. I heard neither team wants to play at 10 am on a Sunday. I totally agree with their feelings. Also, with 2 really good teams, why would U want them to play that early. How many fans will get to see this game at that time?
Not to mention BW is 40+ miles away from both schools. This game would be much better served at one of the schools on a Saturday night in January or February rather than at a neutral site on a Sunday at 10. Heard they are trying to change the time if possible, but I don't see that working out so close to game day.

On a related note, what is the incentive of playing in one of these events? Would Mentor get more $$ out of playing in this event rather than doing a two year home-and-home with McKinley?
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