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Originally Posted by CatAlum View Post
I thought all of Mentor's players grew up in the same development off of 615 ?
I know who this tongue in cheek comment is directed at, but I don't think any school can say they NEVER get a move-in that participates in varsity football/basketball. Because Mentor isn't open enrollment, these families do have to move in the district. That doesn't mean sports don't ever play a role in the decision, but Mentor is not racking up the transfer train.

In the 2000's, I can think of four players who moved to Mentor and played varsity basketball. One was a 6th man his senior year from West Virginia. By far the most significant transfer was Collin Barth several years ago from Olmsted Falls. The third and fourth are both on the current team. Both players moved in last school year and are seniors right now. Sims came from Euclid and 6'9 Xavier Cheek from Field High School. Cheek and Sims are helpful players to the program, but neither are the high profile type that move around NEO.
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