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Let's talk TB team money!!

I feel, sometimes the subject of team finances is taboo, so naturally, I think it must be a good subject to discuss! I’ll start by saying we’ve always been blessed in the way my daughter’s TB teams have handled finances. This year, her travel softball team, is much different than in past years. She is involved with a larger TB org that has a long, multi-year history. They have one team, per age group, with players from all over the state. I guess, I didn’t really know what to expect when she made her current team, in regard to dealing with the team’s finances, because she’s never really played with such a large org or had such an aggressive (forecasting 95 games) 12-month schedule. Obviously, I assumed it would involve more money per player. But, how it all worked, I’ll admit, I was slightly clueless.

This is how the money handling works for her new current team. To my surprise, the actual main organization doesn’t touch any of her individual team’s money and they don’t ask for any money from her team, even though my daughter's team is using the main org’s name, which has a multi-National Champ legacy. They are only involved in the selection of the main coach. Then, the main coach is responsible for selecting their individual team’s players and leads the general direction of the team. The main coach and parents, of the selected players, then had a meeting and agreed on a team treasurer. The treasurer is just a random parent, not a coach, but a very nice person. The philosophy is the coach doesn't have time to do both; coach effectively and keep track of finances (both are volunteers). The treasurer collects: player’s fees, sponsorships received and all fundraising money. (I've never actually spoken to the coach about what I owe or when fees are due, I speak to the treasurer.) The treasurer also opened a separate bank account, for this team only, and writes the checks for tournament fees, uniforms, extra equipment (there's not much besides softballs, we borrow equipment or go without, it's difficult to split 12 ways after season and one player keeping something everyone purchased, isn't right, but to me there are exceptions at 14-18u), and even mails the payments for tournaments to the tournament directors. Of course, the tournaments are selected by the coach, with help from the assistant coaches, treasurer, and the parents also add their two cents, too. I think this team’s system is really working great!

Is this typical practice? How does your daughter’s TB team handle finances? What is your individual team’s relationship with the org leader like? How large is your daughter’s org? How many games/tournaments does your daughter play?

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