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Originally Posted by thereckoning View Post
While the MAC's recent success cannot be denied, one can point to Blue Jay Fan as his school contributed to the start and continuation of that success on a high level. Coldwater, Versailles, ML, SH, and Minster (maybe others I'm missing) have also had success, but one can also many of these kids played at the peewee level either in pads or flag football? How many went to Celina to play peewee? How many went to Lima or Wapak?
Can't answer for all the schools, but I would imagine the total number of kids from Coldwater, Versailles, Fort Recovery, Marion Local, St. Henry, New Bremen and Minster who play pee wee football in another town is anywhere from zero to two.

I can't imagine any parents even considering driving to another town to play peewee football.

As for players dropping out, it is mostly a matter of opportunity. Tons of kids go out for 7th grade football. If the program is run properly, all the kids get enough playing time that most of them return for 8th grade and freshman football, with a few dropping out as they realize they do not enjoy the game or that they prefer a job and the money it provides. Also, freshman year provides the chance to go out for golf, which drains a couple of kids.

By sophomore year, there are now more players fighting for limited spots on the JV team and some leave at that point. Junior year is another dropoff, as the varsity teams plays just to win and not to develop players, and opportunity for playing time drops again. Plus, most juniors now have their driver's license and with the greater mobility comes opportunity for other activities (jobs, etc.).

Senior year sees a big dropoff as many players realize they are still not going to get much varsity playing time and are no longer willing to put in the work for limited reward.
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