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Originally Posted by OCLWarrior View Post
That is not the point he was trying to make. If all the junior high kids stuck with football, you would have high school rosters over hundred players. You lost about half your potential players between junior high and high school. The point he was trying to make that just as many pee wee kids drop out by the time they reach high school. You are going to make a judgement on pee wee football just on two schools for the whole state of Ohio? Some of you complain that kids get run off in pee wee, well, it looks like your coaches are running them off in junior high and high school.
I would say the drop out rate is the same whether you have pee wee football or not. My argument is pee wee football is not necessary at all for the development of a football program. All it is something for parents to claim my kid is the pee wee champion of Lima or whatever town. As I stated before the parents I work with talk more about pee wee football than they do about their H.S. teams maybe because their H.S. teams suck so much. But how can that be they have pee wee football ?