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Originally Posted by Blue Jay Fan View Post
ML has a bigger roster than DSJ now because ML high school is almost 50% bigger than DSJ is now. It has absolutely nothing to do with midget football. And Delphos had four midget football teams and DSJ had 110 kids on the roster in the late '90's. ML's roster is bigger than Parkway's because ML has won nine state titles and Parkway usually only wins 1-3 games a year. For comparison, how big is ML's girls cross country roster compared to Minster's? It's all about winning!
How big was ML's roster before Goodwin and nine state titles? Again, if you win, everybody wants to be a part of it.
Read carefully once again I am saying midget football has no bearing on roster sizes, another poster implied that more players stick with the program because of pee-wee football than those with out pee - wee football, I highly doubt that. By the way ML had 19 girls on their cross country team this year, not sure what Minster had. ML before Goodwin probably had 70 to 80 kids on their roster, the Flyers never have had a problem for the most part with numbers. DSJ has 80 boys enrolled in H.S. , ML 112 that is 28% difference using OHSAA nos. about the same difference between Coldwater and ML.

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