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DSJ had 31 in junior high this year. Two teams but I think we only had maybe nine 7th graders so a few 8th graders played down to fill out the team. There were 5-6 7th graders who played midget football this year who will play 8th grade next year. I don't know the jr. high enrollment but I'm guessing those 31 are a pretty large percentage of boys in those grades.

% of varsity football players who came through the Delphos midget football system? I'm guessing 80-90%.

% of boys in the school playing football? Delphos has had midget football since around 1960 or before. Consistent success at DSJ didn't start until 1988. Rosters percentage since 1988 have been exponentially larger than those before 1988. We dressed 55 in 1981 (HS enrollment around 400) and 50 in 2017 (HS enrollment around 200). We dressed around 110 in the late '90's/early 2000's. Everyone wants to be part of a winner.
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