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Originally Posted by Sports_Fan_ View Post
I’m sure the coach expressed to the players sportsman ship I’ve heard it from him for 8yrs now at Big Blue. So why is “11” the number? In baseball the have a “run rule” do we not want to run rule teams? They had a running clock the entire 2nd half of the match. My old coach used to say “don’t get bitter get better”. Why do we take fun out of other kids who have never scored in a game? It’s time to stop passing out trophies for participating and let kids know it’s hard work and dedication that wins not just showing up! Nobody ever felt sorry for Hamilton!!

Just my thoughts
I think that's a fair point. There's something to be said for giving your best effort all the time. And if your JV players' best effort results in 11-0, it is what it is. But you have to balance that with respecting the other team. It's a line drawing question, and it sounds like most people, myself included, are more comfortable drawing that line somewhere before 11.
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