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Originally Posted by Paladin1aa View Post
Howland ? Guts with scheduling ? Please!!!! Howland waited until Harding was down and then stepped up to the plate with several D-I athletes on their team. Before that they were nowhere to be seen playing Harding, running every time Harding called for a game. Instead, Howland was playing Canadian teams or inner city schools.

The premise is correct -- teams are scheduling to try to make the playoffs. Period
1998- WGH 62, Howland 0

After this, these two did play against until 2010. Personally, I think that decision was very premature. The city of Warren was deep with talent in the early 2000's and the Tigers benefited greatly. They had Doug Datish, Tony Davis, Maurice Smith, Brandon Alexander, etc. and were making solid appearances in the Division 2 playoffs. Continuing the series with WGH would've been great for not only them, but the area as well.

Deveon Smith, who will hopefully get selected in the NFL Draft today, did very well against WGH earlier this decade. Who's to say that the aforementioned players, Tyler Scott, or anybody else couldn't have done the same thing? We'll never know. In fact, I'm surprised that Howland cancelled the series again before Samari Dean's senior year. He was solid against WGH in week 10.

Originally Posted by sportster4321 View Post
I too agree with paladin. Howland cherry picked Harding when they were at a low. Now that the tables turned, the Tigers can't get away from the Raiders fast enough.
I wouldn't say that WGH was "at a low" in 2010 (made playoffs). As mentioned above, the series returning had more to do with Deveon Smith being at Howland.
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