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Originally Posted by roberto21 View Post
That's exactly what I thought. Boardman and Fitch were the only two teams out of the five that were in the SVC during its heyday. The other three only contributed to its demise, IMHO.
Meanwhile, the other three are the "only" ones with state championships on their resume. Out of the five, the "only" two schools that refuse to play each other are Ursuline & Fitch. They need to hurry up and squash that beef because not only are those kids are getting cheated out of a great rivalry, but the entire Mahoning Valley is missing out on what would be one of the better football conferences in Ohio.

FWIW, word is that in the mid 90's, Canton McKinley almost joined the SVC. It's been said that if that would've happened, Massillon would've came with them. That would've been something else.
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